Icons can help the user by clarifying functionality and interaction, and sometimes even make our services nicer and more intuitive to use. This is how we maintain consistency in our iconography at SVT.

We don’t consider our icons to be identity elements in their own right – in other words, we don't expect our users to be able to connect them to the SVT brand without any other context or hint. However, they will almost always relate to our typography to some extent. These guidelines aim to help typography and iconography work together in the best possible way.

Design language of Publik

ikoner1 The design language of our icons builds upon that of our font Publik. Publik is characterized by a balance of soft and hard, straight and circular, angled and rounded. By default, our icons are outlines. Angles can be soft or hard, and end points are always hard.

Consistency and simplicity

  • Before designing a new icon, always check if there is an existing one that meets your needs
  • When designing a new icon, first study the existing ones to ensure a consistent style
  • Always start geometrically, with straight lines, right angles and circular shapes
  • Always try to find the simplest way to convey your message
  • Keep it monochrome and flat—no tilted perspectives, shadows or gradients