At SVT we develop native apps for the Android and iOS platforms. The experiences we create need to be consistent with SVT's design system, but also make sense on the platforms we design them for.

For navigation, always take into account the platforms’ own guidelines. The user will more easily recognize and understand interaction design that aligns with the platform navigation system. From a technical perspective, it’s more efficient to develop. Feel free to use the platforms’ latest features as long as it brings user/business/technical benefits. Make sure that the app also works for older devices.

iOS and Android devices

SVT supports iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets. This means we need to create design solutions that are highly scaleable and flexible. Define design principles for scaling as early as possible.

App categories at SVT

At SVT there are at least 4 types of apps:

  • Informative – SVT News/Sports,
  • Entertainment – SVT Duo…
  • Streaming – SVT Play
  • TV Shows – Bolibompa, Melodifestivalen…

If you start a new native app project, consider what type of app you are creating. This could help you answer how much own identity your app should have versus using native default components.


Navigation patterns

Principles of navigation on iOS is quite different than the one for Android. Android use a primary toolbar at top together with a side navigation that could be hidden. iOS uses a navigation bar at top for interactions with the view displayed, often combined with a Tab bar at the bottom at the page to enable quick switches between sections in the app. This is commonly used in many apps nowadays for each platform.


Material Design (Android guidelines)

iOS Human Interface guidelines