The slash

The logotype contains a powerful detail – a slash, hidden in the "v" – that can be highlighted or even used on its own.

svt logo slash

The slash with category names

The slash can be used to claim ownership of a category, without having to repeat the logotype. For instance, by saying [slash] NYHETER, we make it clear that we are referring to SVT’s news category and not news in general.

The text following the slash is always uppercase, and always set in Publik Light.

svt category

Positioning the slash

The slash's position in relation to the following word resembles where the slash would be if it was still a part of the 'v' in the logotype. Imagine an invisible logo around it and it starts making sense.

To make it easy, make the space twice the width of the slash. See below diagram.

The height of the slash is 103% of the height of the text. The slash and the text align horizontally. In other words, the slash sticks out just the slightest bit above and below the text.

slash instructions